Types of poker tournament you should know about

Types of poker tournament you should know about

If you want to know about poker tournaments then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about different poker tournaments.Click here to know about Poker deposit pulsa. 

Sit & go tournament

It is a poker tournament that does not have a scheduled start time and that has a maximum number of players established, that when they register, the tournament starts automatically. These acronyms (S&G or SNG) mean the same as Sit & Go.Visit this site to know about Poker deposit pulsa.

Guaranteed tournament

They have a fixed minimum prize, regardless of the number of registered players. The guaranteed quantities are variable and you can find different values.

Step tournament

It is a variant of Sit & Go tournaments. It allows you to convert a small amount of money into a great prize. You have different levels of Step tournaments; you can start playing low levels and progress to high levels.

You must pass the different levels to get a good prize. Even if you cannot access the next level, you have the opportunity to play again at the same level or at a lower level.

Turbo tournament

They have different levels of play with a duration shorter than usual. The duration of the different levels may vary but will generally be shorter than the rest of tournaments.

Tournament with recommendations

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They are those in which the player has the opportunity to acquire more chips during the event dispute but with some restrictions. There is a buyback period and once it is finished, no more buybacks are allowed. In this period there may be a limited or unlimited number of repurchases available.

There may also be an Add-On, which is only an additional repurchase at the end of the repurchase time and you have it available regardless of the amount of chips you have.


In this type of poker tournament there is no possibility to buy chips and play only with the initial chips.

Knockout tournament

They are also called poker tournaments with rewards. This is a type of tournament where you get a reward, usually in cash, for eliminating each of your rivals. In these types of tournaments sometimes you pay a small extra ticket that will serve as a reward.

Deepstack tournament

Each player starts with more chips than normal. This allows the participants to have more playability during the event.

Shorthanded tournament

These poker tournaments have only 6 seats on the game table. The usual thing in most tournaments is to have 9 to 10 seats at the game table.